Evolve: Lights of the Deep is fast-playing card game set in the abyssal depths of the ocean. Within the all-consuming darkness of the sea, each player begins life as a single-celled organism and must go through evolutionary progressions to become the most complex life form. Evolve is a competitive game that involves aspects of hand management, tactical decision making and a take-that style of sabotage.


In the game, players need to establish evolutionary links to their current life form, before being able to progress to the subsequent level of organism. Many organisms and evolutionary links have additional bonuses or dual uses, so players are often required to make decisions about when to play cards, or when to keep them in hand. Additionally, ‘adaptation’ cards can also be used to increase the development of your organism, or to hinder players.


During each turn, players perform 6 moves, where they can choose to pick-up, discard or play cards (each action costs 1 move). Evolve gameplay is intuitive yet simple (this is a family-friendly game), while also allowing for various strategies and play styles.

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